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Filipe M A Alves

Filipe Alves


Marine ecology and biodiversity; Population ecology; Cetaceans; Islands; Conservation; ictyo- and benthic-fauna of Macaronesian Archipelagos.


2010-2013: PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Madeira. Population structure, habitat use and conservation of short-finned pilot whales Globicephala macrorhynchus in the archipelago of Madeira.

2000-2002: M.Sc. in Ecology, University of Coimbra. Análise sazonal do impacte a curto prazo na estrutura das comunidades meio- e macro-bentónicas resultante da pesca com ganchorra.

1994-1999: Graduation in Marine Biology and Fisheries, University of Algarve. Análise do impacte do ouriço-do-mar Diadema antillarum sobre os povoamentos de algas da Ilha Madeira.


2016-present: Post-doc researcher at CIIMAR-Madeira through OOM-ARDITI

2014-2015: Project manager and Coordinator of a Marine Protected Area at Natural park of Madeira

2004-2013: Researcher at Madeira Whale Museum

2003-2004: Consultant at ‘Investigação e Transferência de Biotecnologia, Lda’ in Madeira

2002-2004: Eco-touristic operator at ‘Ventura - Nature Emotions’ in Madeira

2002 (February-May): Observer at NAFO (Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation) in Canada

1998-2001: Researcher at CCMAR, University of Algarve


2014-2015: LIPS (LIFE+09 NAT/P/000041) ‘Halt the loss of European Biodiversity through the recovery of habitats and species of the Islets of Porto Santo and surrounding marine area’

2009-2013: CETACEOSMADEIRA II (LIFE+07 NAT/P/000646) ‘Identifying critical marine areas for bottlenose dolphin and surveillance of the cetaceans’ conservation status in Madeira archipelago’

2007-2008: EMECETUS (FEDER/INTERREG IIIB 05/MAC/4.2/M10) ‘Study, monitoring and education for the conservation of cetaceans in the Madeira, Azores and Canaries archipelagos’

2005-2006: GOLFINICHO (FCT POCI/BIA-BDE/61009) ‘Ecological niche partitioning between Delphinus delphis and Stenella frontalis around the Azores and Madeira’

2004-2005: MACETUS (FEDER/INTERREG IIIB MAC/4.2/M10) ‘Population structure, distribution, movements and habitat use of Physeter macrocephalus, Globicephala macrorhynchus, Tursiops truncatus and Stenella frontalis in the Madeira, Azores and Canaries archipelagos’

2004: CETACEOSMADEIRA (LIFE99NAT/P/6432) ‘Project for the conservation of cetaceans in the archipelago of Madeira’

1998-2001: ECODREDGE (FAIR PL/4465) ‘Evaluation and improvement of shellfish dredge design and fishing effort in relation to technical conservation measures and environmental impact’


2010-2016: Guest lecturer / teaching assistant at University of Madeira

1998-2001: Teaching collaborator at University of Algarve

Peer-reviewed publications:

Reggente, M. A. L., F. Alves, C. Nicolau, L. Freitas, D. Cagnazzi, R. W. Baird, P. Galli (2016). Nurturant behavior toward dead conspecifics in free-ranging mammals: new records for odontocetes and a general review. Journal of Mammalogy DOI:10.1093/jmammal/gyw089

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Dinis, A., A. Carvalho, F. Alves, C. Nicolau, C. Ribeiro, M. Kaufmann, A. Cañadas, L. Freitas. Spatial and temporal distribution of the bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, in the Madeira archipelago, NE Atlantic. Arquipelago - Life and Marine Sciences. In press

Alves, F.; Alves, F.; A. Dinis; C. Nicolau; C. Ribeiro; M. Kaufmann; C. Fortuna; L. Freitas (2015). Survival and abundance of short-finned pilot whales in the archipelago of Madeira, NE Atlantic. Marine Mammal Science 31: 106-121.

Alves, F.; C. Nicolau; A. Dinis; C. Ribeiro; L. Freitas (2015). Supportive behavior of free-ranging Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) toward dead neonates, with data on perinatal mortality. Acta Ethologica 18: 301-304.

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Alves, F.; A. Dinis; I. Cascão; L. Freitas (2010). Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera brydei) stable associations and dive profiles: new insights into foraging behavior. Marine Mammal Science 26(1): 202-212.

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Other skills:
Ocean skipper license (large experience as skipper, marine mammal observer and eco-touristic guide)
SCUBA diving license (Rescue Diver PADI)
Driving license
Portuguese (native); English (conversation, reading, writing); French (conv.); Spanish (conv., read.)